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  • SmartBook is a software tool for smart teaching and learning developed by Da Nang Software Development Centre with comprehensive technical supports from Microsoft Corporation.
  • SmartBook brings IT into education and provides great contributions to the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning in universities and colleges. In addition, it is the best solution for students and teachers to develop their ability of creation, save time and cost in teaching and learning activities.

Application Concept

Feature concept:

SmartBook includes 4 main features:

  • SmartSchool: Build smart schools with a lot of utilities for managers, teachers and students.
  • SmartClass: For the operation and improvement of the quality of teaching and learning activities with supports from devices.
  • SmartTeam: Features to support collaborative groups, research groups and study groups.
  • SmartFamily: For parents to track their children’s learning results. A two-way communication between families and schools.

Technology concept:

  • SmartBook must be analyzed to be integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure in development, deployment and operation.