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If you have ever traveled alone and were disappointed with what you read in your travel guide, found it difficult to meet new people or just ended up doing what every other tourist generally does in that location, then Blulug is the app for you.

Blulug is an upgrade of the former TravelBook app. We have made many improvements to existing features and added a whole range of amazing new features.


What you can do in Blulug:

  • Add your upcoming trip location and trip date
  • View other travellers current, upcoming or past trips
  • Connect and live chat with other travellers
  • Use the Activities section to view other travellers photo posts
  • Comment and rate on travellers photo posts
  • Get 2,000 star rating points to become a Premium Traveller
  • Share your trip or posts on Facebook for your other friends to see
  • And more!

With Blulug your days of traveling solo can be a thing of the past. Blulug is not a travel guide written 5 years ago, it’s where we share the present as well as the future.

Download Blulug for your iOS mobile devices here.