Hung Trung Vo - Ph.D., Associate Professor Director

Despite having graduated from Hue University with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, Mr Hung was in love with IT. For him, mathematics was like a "bridge" taking him to his great love of IT. In 2004, he got a doctorate in IT at the age of 36; and just 3 years later, he became an Associate Professor at his 39. With his leadership skills, SDC is getting more and more success.

Duy Trinh - Vice Director

Duy was an excellent student and was offered to teach at Da Nang University after his graduation. In 2008, Duy got his master's degree at the University of Da Nang. In 2012, Duy was appointed as Vice Director of Software Development Centre - The University of Da Nang. With his passion and enthusiasm, he brought big changes to SDC: becoming a partner of Microsoft, establishing Microsoft IT Academy at the University of Da Nang.

Hung Tran Nguyen Viet - Deputy of RD department

Hung graduated from Da Nang University of Science and Technology and has spent more than 10 years working with web and mobile applications with many skills and experience working on various projects. He is one of the first to build the SDC Research and Development Department, with continuous efforts that have contributed to the success of SDC.

Tam Phan - Project Manager

In 2014, Tam graduated from Danang University of Science and Technology which main major was Information Technology, and now he is doing Master in Software Technology field at Da Nang University. He started programming from his early days as a student, so he has nearly 10 years of experience in software development. With more than 50 apps published on the Apple Store, the Play Store with thousands of users each day, he is confident that he can come up with a good resolution for developing any mobile application. In addition, he is involved in various start-up projects related to machine learning. Currently, Tam is a Project Manager, he is trying his best to make SDC more developed and prosperous day by day.

Tuan Tran - Technical Lead

Tuan has been with the center since its inception, taking on the role of iOS Team Leader, as well as managing a number of important projects. And is a highly skilled and experienced mobile and app developer specializing in iOS and Android and has over 5 years of mobile application development experience. Currently, my role is Technical Leader Mobile and Sub-Manager in the center. At the center, I had the opportunity to interact and work with new technologies (VR, Video 360, leading mobile phone technology as well as system architecture ...). Always want to learn new technologies and apply them. I also have the opportunity to study, dedicate and advance in my work.

Long Nguyen - Technical Lead

When Long was young, with a passion for information technology, eager to learn and research and effort on self-studying, since he was in school, he has studied and worked in programming field at some companies. After graduating from college, Long started to work with SDC and seems like SDC is his second home from then on. Taking the role of manager as well as leader in researching new technologies in SDC, Long can develop mobile applications, AI, machine learning, ... and most prominently is website segment. Currently, Long is recognized as Technical Leader Website and Sub-Manager at the center. Developing and contributing his career to SDC is his main and long-term orientation. Long always wants to raise himself by continuing to cultivate knowledge, learn and research new technologies in order to keep up with technology and apply to projects at SDC.