Hung Trung Vo - Ph.D., Associate Professor Director

Despite having graduated from Hue University with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, Mr Hung was in love with IT. For him, mathematics was like a "bridge" taking him to his great love of IT. In 2004, he got a doctorate in IT at the age of 36; and just 3 years later, he became an Associate Professor at his 39. With his leadership skills, SDC is getting more and more success.

Duy Trinh - Vice Director

Duy was an excellent student and was offered to teach at Da Nang University after his graduation. In 2008, Duy got his master's degree at the University of Da Nang. In 2012, Duy was appointed as Vice Director of Software Development Centre - The University of Da Nang. With his passion and enthusiasm, he brought big changes to SDC: becoming a partner of Microsoft, establishing Microsoft IT Academy at the University of Da Nang.

Hieu Dinh - Head of RD department

As the valedictorian of IT faculty - Da Nang University of Science and Technology in 2011, Hieu was offered to teach at the University. However, with his passion for programming, he decided to join some of largest software companies in Da Nang at that time. In 2012, with experiences gained, he was the one to put the first bricks of SDC Research and Development Department and make it like it is today.

Ngoc Van Ninh - Project Manager

With some small software tools for his entertainment and curiosity, Ngoc realized that programming was his passion and part of his life. When he was at Da Nang University of Science and Technology, Ngoc was involved in some part-time jobs to have an opportunity to learn and cultivate his knowledge. Shortly after his graduation, he had a desire to contribute to SDC. He became a project manager after a year working here and now is still a significant factor of SDC.

Tu Phan - Technical Lead

Tu is a highly motivated and experienced mobile apps developer specialized in iOS and Android and holds more than 7 years of app development experience on variety of mobile platforms. As a studious person, Tu's always eager to learn new technologies and adopt them. Communication is key to success, hence Tu keeps clients updated over their preferred mode of communication and never hesitates to question or provide suggestions, this is what our past clients say about him.