Healthcare is one of the most crucial industry worldwide and is growing rapidly over the last decade. Innovations in service, care models and information delivery can revolutionize the future of healthcare. Companies thrives to provide the best possible care, but they face challenges in terms of improving the quality of care delivered, managing the operations, enhancing worker productivity, reducing human error and reducing costs. Some of the major challenge are:

  • Increasing costs of medical advances
  • Quality and safety of health services
  • Demand for high-quality healthcare
  • Increasing budgetary pressures
  • Compliance to regulatory standards
  • Managing Operational and IT risks
  • Information confidentiality
  • Workforce management

Information Technology has a major role to play in terms of achieving higher quality patient care, reduce cost of care for both healthcare providers and consumers, shorten the time to deliver and receive care, and even provide increased patient autonomy in healthcare delivery.


With our years of experience in multiple technologies and domain expertise in healthcare industry, we have enabled our customers with multiple benefits, like greater efficiency in operations, compliance with regulatory norms, insightful decision making, renewed consumer experience, and sustainable, personalized, patient-centric and cost-effective system.

Some of our software solutions developed for clients are:

  • Business intelligence solution that simplifies the time sensitive reminders to end-users in a variety of market segments including random drug and alcohol screening and chronic disease management
  • Ovulation application to predict the future fertile days for conception by charting the menstrual cycles. Plots temperature on the graph and highlights the most fertile days and keeps record of previous cycles and graphs that helps to establish fertility patterns
  • Health monitoring application to keep track of BMI, BMR etc.